Monday, January 31, 2011

My God is too good to me!

Throughout my life, I've always known that God is good, but it he showed out today. People usually call me their blessing (not to be conceited). I try to be there for others because it's something in my heart and spirit that says, "GIVE!" I don't argue with the heart. It's my moral compass. Honestly, I don't think about myself. I do, but it's days after. I do feel great when I do something for someone. It's therapeutic in a sense. I get to remove my troubles for a few moments and do something for someone else. But, today God really showed me that he is able through a coworker of mine.

As a writing consultant, I get the opporutinity to attend conferences in various cities. The last conference I attended was in Baltimore, MD. This upcoming conference is in Houston, TX. Initially, the plan was to carpool down to Texas, which was the only way I could afford. Changes in our travel plans happened, and I had to pull out from the trip. We came to a conclusion that it would be cheaper and more time effective to fly down there. The situation is that I would be losing money that I just couldn't afford to lose this time. I just couldn't afford the airfare. So, one of the interns that wanted to go decided that she was going to fund one of the undergraduate's airfare. She later came up to me and told me that she was offering the airfare to me with no strings attached.

My God! This woman (I don't want to use her name because of privacy issues) told me that I don't have to pay her back. That was a blessing from none other than the good Lord above. I mean, she doesn't know me the next stranger and just offered up money like that with no expectations of being paid back. The only thing that I could do was cry out and call my mom. I just felt really blessed today.

I see that it helps to be a selfless and caring person because you never know when your blessings will come back to you. My only advice is just to keep going. Even if you feel like people are taking you for granted, never forget that God will grant you all the things that you need, want, and more.

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  1. That's really awesome, Harold. Our God is the God who provides!! :)